Saturday, August 4, 2012

News to Me.

"Wanna do something together?!"

Men, (are there even any men reading this?) what comes to mind when your wife asks this question?  If you're new to the game, you might envision buying tickets to your favorite full-contact sport.  Or catching the new blockbuster that just came out!  Hope beyond hope, maybe this one will have a plot.  For those more experienced veterans, you might prepare yourself for a night of crafting, cooking, or . . . soul-searching eye gazing with the question that always leaves us scrambling:  "What're you thinking?"

Luckily, arts and crafts weren't on the table this night.  My lovely wife had blogging on the mind.  Of course, "Polly" has been an avid blog follower for years and knows all about the virtual world of sharing opinions no one will pay for yet.  On the other hand, I, "Tom", have never subscribed to a blog nor cared to wait anxiously for the daily nuggets of housewives and bored workers.  I had a Twitter account for a record three days, and I thought about joining Pinterest for about two minutes before remembering a time-honored tradition called masculinity.

If you're wondering about the anonymity, it just makes us giggle.  That's about it.  Plus, Polly and Tom are our heroes from a wonderful piece of literature not published within the last 100 years.  We use their names instead of our own in order to write more freely.  However, since only a small portion of our families will ever care to read this, I suppose our purpose is thwarted.

Anyway, back to tonight's story with Tom and Polly.  When my passionate beauty suggested blogging together, it seemed perfectly in-line with her personality.  She is opinionated, fiery, and very smart.  For fun, she watches documentaries.  She enjoys finding new injustices against which to prevail.  Standing at 5'1", she's the knight in shining armor for the oppressed.  At 6'4", I make sure she doesn't get hurt . . . or carried off by an abnormally large hawk.

So, I was nothing but surprised when she began to doubt whether she would enjoy blogging.  Blogging seems like it would be the whipped cream on her opinionated world!  Isn't blogging what impassioned people dreamt about before 1990-something when they used such words as "dreamt?"  Before then, people had to resort to endeavors that ended in either a hoarse voice or a cramped hand.  In a shining moment of helping the world, blogging now relegates such vehement pronouncements to size 14 Helvetica type.  And the rest of us can happily avoid and ignore their stimulating posts.

Until we join the club . . .

So, when Polly suggested winning a Pulitzer together, I thought it might be fun.  I let the idea sink in while I continued surfing the rest of the web.  Before I knew it, she had embodied initiative.  Our blog was established and our first post was . . . posted.  Apparently we're blogging together separately.  So, for future reference, hers come with pretty photos.  Mine, sans.  This is only fitting, because she's pretty, and I'm wordy.



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