Saturday, August 4, 2012


 So we bought a camera with my birthday money plus some money we've been saving. Thanks to everyone who contributed for my birthday! Finally some much needed pictures of the farmhouse!

 This is the back of the house. 

Our garage. Full of projects that I am (eventually) getting to. 

Front porch, complete with fence and gate.  

Close-up of the back. This leads to the kitchen.  

Here's our kitchen...and... 

our awesome island that we bought on Craigslist. 

Shelves that my father-in-law and husband measured, planned, and installed. 

 Aforementioned husband in the dining room, which is directly off the kitchen.

 Built-in cabinetry. 

First living room that we're planning on using as an office eventually. See the project I'm currently working on? All our bedroom furniture, again, off Craigslist. 

Beautiful silk curtains my mom gave me. 

 The second living room/guest room. Do you like the white-on-white curtains?

 Hall bathroom.

Master bedroom - we still haven't made it to unpacking quite everything. 

Master bathroom with clawfoot tub. 

So that's our house! Another post coming soon on one of the first projects I did in the kitchen. Looking forward to hearing what you guys think!


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