Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why So Serious?

One day, Polly and I decided to lighten the mood.  Instead of going to dinner or a movie, we chose one of our all-time favorites:  offering to babysit Gus and Lula.  I know, I know, babysitting isn't most couples' idea of a relaxing date.  After a vigorous Google search, I'm shocked to find that it doesn't make the top 10 of awesome date ideas.  It doesn't even rank on the best 100 ways to woo your wife.  Still, Polly and I love it, and I think these photos will showcase why.  As an added bonus, I'm not in any of them.

So, we called up my sister, and offered our services.  As they left for their date, our entertainment began with some good old fashioned play-dough.  And by "good old fashioned," I mean Polly made it herself.  As the blobs of colored hilarity dropped onto the table, a mischievous glint . . . glinted in Polly's eyes.

Unfortunately, not everyone was ecstatic.  Although she had played with the play-dough before, Lula seemed concerned.  She didn't get upset.  She just spent most of the time contemplating how to get the stuff off her fingers.  Just like when you put tape on a cat's paws . . . not that I've ever done that.

On Polly's other side, Gus was having a smashing time.  Literally.

Have you ever smiled so hard, you thought your face would pop off?!  Gus has.

As his uncle, I was very proud as he took all of the beautifully colored play-dough Polly had made and . . . DEMOLISHED THEM!  Turning the girly cuteness of burgeoning hues into the manly mountain of muck.  Here, I can only imagine his inner dialogue as:

"How much fun did you have making that monstrous mound of mush?"

"I had this much fun!"

But let's not forget the dark side of this play-dough excitement (see Lula's pic above).  Thank goodness, she brightened up when she saw pictures of herself.  Gus and Lula have not always been able to identify themselves in pictures.  They would point mama and dada.  Gus would excitedly shout out "sissy" (or his best attempt:  "sissh") for photos of Lula, and she would proudly exclaim "Gus" for his.  However, they both used to be confused at their own likenesses.  So, I was surprised and Lula recognized her own face and "Girly Girl" rolled off her tongue followed by sheer cuteness.

Her happiness was soon interrupted by the roving sniffer of the family dog.  Regularly commissioned to clean up dropped peas and carrots, George eagerly jumped at the chance to eat some food-colored confetti.  If you look closely, the pink blot is George's tongue hard at work.  More obviously, it looks as if George is about to get the palm of Lula's hand across her ravenous snout.

After Gus's pile was sufficiently smashed into submission and Lula's hands were prodigiously scrubbed clean, we took the party outside . . . much to Lula's delight!

As the tables turned, others were not so exhilarated.

"Let's put a smile on that face!"

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Britt said...

Love it! Thanks again for babysitting and for the sweet photos. The last one of Gus still cracks me up :)
I've been wondering when you were going to post again - it had been a while since I had seen an update. Well, somehow your blog was deleted from my blogroll - just added it back today!